How 'IT' A11 Developed...

 Incorporated in '02 in Edmonton AB. as a concept & merchandise brand, since its' made its many transformations & expansions from products, solutions to it being symbolic as the 'HA!'©™ concept of lifestyles, it's options are limitless to branding projections on the market platform. The remix in '11...Was an expression of whom we've become...the result of a lifetime work of experiences. 'NOWelevating from instances to influences...


​We are a network of 'Creators' whose aim is to provide custom deliverables; 'The Goods' also known as 'The Works' to our 'Future-Options©Market', while offering our quality procurement 'The Services' for data mediation and creative management services for varied project applications & it's audience requests. We specialize in 'NU-Alternatives', a 'Research & Development' initiative for social advancement thru imaginative frameworks for workflows and utilizing 'EI-platforms to combine current trends for final creative projections. 'NEW' social approaches to complexity by design 'Creative~Processingis also known as the 'HA!-Style' cycles to which our brand derives its free~flow of conceptual ideas & creative energy.


We as a design striven network of 'Creative Minds' <LIVE/WORK/PLAY> based on ('6') moral principles= 



As we grow so do the meanings behind these words we connect with. These 'Key' elements create the foundation to our very essence to service our delivery advancements thru our custom products and services to the markets.

Our 'VISION'...Our 'NEWSource To Empowerment: 'HA!'©™ 'Dream & Achieve'. 

John D Nguyen


Drawing from the story of my own life, what I see around me as well as imagined events is the starting point for my narrative based approach to life. I stretch these experiences and ideas to convey an energized and hard hitting creative message thru our company brand 'HA!'©.


I custom tailor a unique experience thru channels that emulate the client, who they are and what they stand by...'Principles'

behind symbolic ideas conceived. Behind these interpretations made it gives the client a sense of empowerment which I draw great satisfaction from.


The counter culture messaging is drawn and worked into the project with an intent to open up different realms of realities and imagination to the viewer. I am very interested in creating multiple layers of meanings through a combination of story, conceptual development, and various different mediums if required through manufacturing/creations. 


Presently establishing a mentor-ship brand aimed at young people through principles applied to life thru the concept 'HA!'©™.

'A statement of achievement of oneself towards any goal faced.'...

'The 'HA!'©™ MindSET'.


My philosophy is education thru self-exploration

and self-expression thru any ART-forms.

'HA!'©™ Finding ones TRU-self thru 'Imagination'. 'Your guiding light.'©


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