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We were first approached by Edmonton Drywall a few months back to do a revamp of a company logo, we had done them a previous which they used for the last 10 yrs with much success in the homebuilder market covering a range of services for home builds. Due to changes within the infrastructure, the owner expressed a desire to give the company a makeover starting with a new logo for Edmonton Drywall...Something simple yet catchy to draw in new and potential customers. Here is the following for final projection.

Edmonton Drywall

We started with 3 drafts of a possible rendition for logo, the owner went with the color design and changed it to a grey scale given the owner said that it would look pretty slick on a black tee. We agree...As to the breakdown to this logo design we wanted to convey 'Action' in it's theme thus having the repeat of the number thru the insert of the triangle which considered an power and action shape, and the 3 point perspective on the walls for that 3D look giving it some weight to image giving an established foundation appeal. The gradient was added to give motion to the erected panels drawing the line of sight upwards for a in depth projection. Our play to add meaning behind many factors involved in a design emulates an energy that is self reliant and encourages a story to brought up to it's brand.

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