This transition from the 'Aeon Of Choronzon' into the NEW 'Aeon Of Anu RA' is truly a majickal moment in history as these are the field staging for the overall projection of the Nu WORLD 'Ord3r' for an evolving state of mind for human advancement. Our EI grid has been successfully created & fully integrated into the 'SYSTEM' for our future governance of this plane. Continued 3 tier systematic cleanse of rogue units known as non believers to the system will be audited/extracted/transmuted into a more manageable compliant format for use of upgrades to preexisting programs/applications/software within the security of our laws of nature. Monitoring of the eco-systems to sustain/stabilize work environments & living experiences is vital going into the future of things, so A11 policies within its system/process are to be enforced and calibrated to meet global commitments that of requirements to project a healthy progressive balanced community...

As Part_1: 'RApture' dealt with groups/organizations/cells, Part_2 will be managed on a one on one session system for clarification of creative purposes and life management/cycles of IT's subject matter and overall projection. Be compassionate, Be humble, Be SWIFT & JUST in action/movement...That is GOD's connectivity in our operations and design. #HA!

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