Title: 'Aeon of Anu RA'

Objective: Nu World (System Rebuild)

Setting: Global (Online & Offline Digital Eco Systems)

Projection: 7.53 billion people and rising on this planet is creating a multitude of energy fluxes that are effecting the people, it's eco-system(s) and Earth's processing power for daily maintenance...Ideally a number of 3.6 billion population but some groups say even lower is needed for it to be a sustainable self replenishing eco-system(s) that is creative energy supportive for reciprocal energy/flow of things for space relaying.

An (e)cycle that occurs every 4000-5000 yrs when earths population hits a vantage point becoming more damaging to selves then beneficial for others pushes the system to self regulate the environment, its components eventually regenerating itself for reboot. We live on a conscious living breathing organic entity that is life sustainable...

Solutions: A computing system/OS LiFE© application rework that is applicable and scalable to any size operation being universal operating system complete with it's own governing framwork protected by a grid system. eg.phone app to enterprise level org. that is receptive/responsive to interaction in its given environment that is self governing deriving from an ET (Entity Based Stack Platform) framework. This creates an EI (Emotionally Intelligent) Platform© for unit/subject matter translations/procurements.

Please refer to:

ISO/IEC 14772-1.3:2016 (Emotionally Intelligent Platforms) Information Technology- Computer graphics and image processing metadata- The virtual Reality Modeling Language Part 1: Functional specifics and UTF-8 encoding Part 2: Revisions of data for application within primary application for graphing color and analytics Part 3: Production of data into source comprised object/unit application eg.EI watch application, EI operating systems, EI tablets, EI software

Summary: LiFE© application is about 'US' not 'I' as we evolve as a community/tribe/collective/world understanding the concept of interconnection and how important unity as a species is for our venturing into the future. All done to which is done with compassion, love and humility is done right for 'The Works' of ART, our creator deems expressive existence thru creation without it is living purpose without principles. A universal law important to our progression and creative purpose.

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