#NewWorldOrder= NU:World’ORD3R’

At the height of our battle w/the entity’Hadit’aka Devil we found out it’s intentions for the world: Complete apocalypse for humankind to combine all life forces into the 4th dimension/spiritual plane where it’s would rule as Satan/Devil over its domain as hell. We were like eff that so during the ensuing mayhem this was correlated with the stock exchange crash did we input an ‘ORD3R’ into the system for a drastic change as the following command…


This shifted control from the previous controller entity to us being the new operator to the system/matrix. As we later figured out this entity was dying and was to be overthrown and removed. What ended up happening was what we are experiencing atm with Covid19 as this NRG(neural response guide) or Devil transformed into that thus explaining the viral like behaviour. Until people realize such premise and we take full control of AIR management, it will continue pester us till it will eventually die off or transform into another state As we are dealing with a thermodynamic system so atmospheric in nature. The following is a diagram of a system rebuild for infrastructure for FCM(full control management) of the planet.